Channelled Lessons


Delivered by Spirit Guide Souvil, In Class Channelling through Rhoda
Souvil’s Spiritual Lessons  (SSL)
Facilitated by Dr Elizabeth Tang


Unveil the Secrets of the World and the Universe!


How was the Universe formed?  Through the formation of Big Bang or was it God's creation?  Is there God?  Are there ghosts?  Myths on ghosts and legends, are they true?  What are spirits?  Are there angels and guardians?  Are there souls?  What is soul mate?

Were humans evolved or created?  Were Adam and Eve the first mankind?  What is the meaning of life?  Why are you in this world?  Were you forced to come into the world?  Is Life predetermined?  Can you change destiny?

How to overcome the fear of death?  Is there hell?   Is there heaven?  What is the spiritual world like?

What is karma? What goes around, comes around, is that true?  Is there reincarnation?  

What is religion?  What is truth?  What are the differences between Chinese and Western religious cultures?  Clergies are workers of light or the messengers of God? Do they have psychic abilities? What is psychic?  Psychics can predict the future? Are the predictions accurate?

In addition to humans, are there aliens in the Universe?  What are aliens?  Can humans and aliens live together?  Will there a lot of changes in the future world?  Will it result in a lot of deaths?  How should you prepare as a human being?

For most people, the material world seems to be their only world.  For people who are spiritually inclined, of course we understand that this is not correct.  In order for the interested on the spiritual journey be able to have a better understanding of the spiritual world, spirit guide Souvil will personally teach the following:



1. Spirit Guide

2. Spiritual Realm

3. Soul

4. Psychic

5. Karma

6. Life and Death

7. Religion

8. Planets and the Universe

9. Future World

10. Light Workers


Class Total of 6 classes, 3 hours per class
Date & Time Start 15 May 2020, Friday night 7:00 – 10:00pm
Fees: HK$3,500
Discounts: Early bird fees $3,000 if payment is made before 17 Apr 2020
Resit: SSL students can resit with a fee of $200 per class
Venue: SMB Holistic Source, Kwun Tong
Registration: Course fees are to be deposited to HSBC account 808-231161-001. Please call 9300 8995 or email upon payment deposit with details on the deposit date, student name ahd phone number.