Intuitive Tarot




I. Types of Tarot and its history
II. Misconceptions and contraindications of Tarot
  1. Can only ask once per day
  2. No one else can touch the deck of cards
  3. Storing the cards in black color cloth
  4. Forsees the future, just like fortune telling
  5. Encountering bad luck if you don't follow its indications
III. Functions of Tarot: Not only divination
  1. Message for myself
  2. Message for others
  3. Intuitive training
  4. Achieve spiritual growth through self-reflection
IV. Know your Tarot
  1. Interpretations of each card
  2. Meanings on the colors and numbers
  3. How to draw cards
  4. Meanings of reversed cards, spreads and layouts
Features:   Small class or one-to-one teaching
Length:   5 Hours
Price:   Small class $1,200 / One-to-one teaching $3,500