Sound Healing

Body fluids composes of 70% of the body. Through sound vibrations created from different instruments, it will create resonance with water in the body and can help to release any energy and emotional blockages, and body pains. It can also assist one into a meditative state to reach a state of bliss and serenity.

1 - 2 persons private sound healing and private small group sound healings are available. Connect with Rhoda direclty for booking and enquiries.

Time: 45mins, by appointment only
  Instruments 1 - 2 ppl Charge Additional charge per person for groups more than 2 people (max 10 people)
  Singing Bowls $600 $150
  Gong $1200 $250
  Monochord $800 $250
  Crystal Harp $800 $250
  Tongue Drum $600 $150
  Shamanic Series $800 $200
  Mixed Instruments $1800


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