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FAQ - Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy


1. What is the reason for Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy?

Life-between-lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy is where the client is regressed back into memories at the spiritual realm, a state of pure soul energy without any body attachment.

Everyone’s experience in the spiritual realm differs. In most cases, the client will be able to meet with his/her spirit guide(s), council(s) and soul group(s). Others will also be allowed to the place for reviewing body choices, the library, understand his/her life mission, and have the guide or council answer questions the client has regarding this life.

2. How does it work?

A past life regression is required before an LBL session as the prerequisite to ensure the client is free of blockages and is able to go into deep trance. In the first part of the LBL session, the client will be regressed into earlier memories in this current life, back to the mother’s womb and into a past life for a short review. After successfully going through the past life, the client will be led into the spiritual realm to experience the actual LBL session.


3. What will I find out in an LBL session?

There are some standard places to bring the client to, as set forth from The Newton Institute. These include meeting with your spirit guide(s) and council(s); visiting your soul group; the library; the place for reviewing body choices; the entertainment area and the learning area.

Each client’s LBL session differs. Some will be allowed to visit all the places mentioned above while others might only be allowed certain places in the spiritual realm. This all depends on where your spirit guide(s) or council(s) has planned for you.

Some of the answers you may find out in the session include:

  • Your present life purpose
  • Your choice of parents and other important relationships
  • The cause of fear, guilt, anger, phobias
  • Past life memories that may be affecting your health
  • Understanding and healing incestuous relationships
  • Past life abilities
  • Death experiences and beyond
  • Between lives experiences
  • Meetings with spiritual guides and deceased loved ones
  • Healing of grief
  • Projections into your healthier, happier and more achieving future


4. Will I meet my family / relatives / friends that have passed away?

Yes, you might be able to meet with deceased family / relatives / friends, or you might even meet people who are still alive today! This is because when souls reincarnate onto earth, they still have remaining energies in the spiritual realm!


5. How do I prepare for the LBL session?

  • Minimum one successful Past Life Regression experience.
  • A list of the questions you want answered.
  • A list of people who you feel still influencing you as you live your life today. These need not be still alive, or actively in your life. List them by name, relationship to you, and describe each with a few adjectives.
  • Comfortable clothing in order to stay relaxed during the session.
  • No alcoholic drinks prior to the session; have some food so that you would not feel hungry during the process.