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Intuitive Tarot Workshop

Intuitive Tarot

I. Types of Tarots and its history

II. Misconceptions and contraindications of Tarot

  • Can only ask once per day
  • No one else can touch the deck of cards
  • Storing the cards in black color cloth
  • Forsees the future, just like fortune telling
  • Encountering bad luck if you don’t follow its indications

III. Functions of Tarot: Not only divination

  • Message for myself
  • Message for others
  • Intuitive training
  • Achieve spiritual growth through self-reflection

IV. Know your Tarot

  • Interpretations of each card
  • Meanings on the colors and numbers
  • How to draw cards
  • Meanings of reversed cards, spreads and layouts

Features: Small class (min. 3 person) or one-to-one private teaching

Length: 5 Hours

Price: Small class $1,200 p.p / One-to-one private class $3,600