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Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy is a methodology developed by Dr. Michael Newton to help subjects mentally reach the spirit world between their physical lives. Within the session, you will be meeting with your guide(s), councils, soul mate and soul group.

You will recover memories on your life mission, body selection, and various past lives encountered. You will also be able to address any questions you want answered. Also, you can understand the relationship between you and other people who are influential. You then will have a thorough understanding of your life purpose and past events that you have encountered.

During the session, you will go into deep relaxation. You will be guided into earlier memories, childhood memories and memories in the womb before proceeding to a past life. After experiencing the death scene of that past life, you will be guided into the spiritual realm, and start your life-between-lives journey with your spiritual masters.

For more information on The Newton Institute and Dr. Michael Newton’s work on LBL, you can visit their official website at www.spiritualregression.org.


PREREQUISITE: Experience of at least one successful past life regression

Price: HKD 6800 (approximately 4 hours)

*Online sessions are available for overseas clients