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Past Life Regression

past life regression

Past Life Regression Therapy is a powerful therapeutic technique for self-understanding and self-healing. It involves going back to a person’s past in order to find healing or to find reasons for current behavior and thinking patterns. These true causes of problems and issues are caused by unreleased old energy which is very dominant and powerful. They will negatively affect your current life even without your knowing it.

In the process, you are able to release these trapped energies that have stayed in your subconscious mind for a very long time. It is these unreleased energies that often manifest in your being as physical pain/disease, and as mental and emotional issues. This is the one thing that will bring about the most permanent healing, because these scars of our past are carried with us until they are dealt with.

Imagine having a small splinter in a tender part of your body. Now imagine that splinter being ignored and left to fester. Eventually there is a large infected area. You can treat that area as much as you like, but until the original little offending splinter is removed, there will never be complete healing. Regression therapy allows us to go directly to that little splinter, without painfully digging around it. We ask the subconscious to show them to us immediately, and there is usually instant healing.

In addition, past life therapy can cure curiosity, recover memories of past lives or incarnations. It can help resolve Karmic imbalance between lives, improve relationships and assist in personal growth.

During the session, you will go into deep relaxation. You will be guided into earlier memories, childhood memories and memories in the womb before proceeding to a past life led by your soul, which is of significance to your current situation in life.

NOTE: One might not be able to proceed with the past life therapy if there are blockages. In such situations, regular hypnotherapy will be conducted to make clear of any blockage before proceeding with the past life therapy in another session.

Price: HKD 2600 (approximately 2 hours)

*Online sessions are available for overseas clients