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Shamanic Healing

The word “Shaman” originated from the Tunguska language in Siberia and northern China, but its footprints are all over the world. According to archaeological research, the Shaman culture has a long history of more than 30,000 years.

Shaman is not a religion, but a set of knowledge systems that rely on personal experience, integrating the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

The Shaman is called differently in every culture, but no matter which name is used, the Shamanic practitioner must enter the state of consciousness according to his own wishes and awaken the inner spiritual ability. With the help of the helping spirits, execute the knowledge and strength gained from the extraordinary world, to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to clients.

shamanic healing

Shamanic Extraction Healing and Power Animal Retrieval

There are many energies that we come into contact with on a daily basis in our busy life. When our power is weak, it is easy for negative energy to invade, causing various physical and mental discomforts, such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, or body part pain, which can turn into chronic diseases. In shamanic healing, the practitioner eliminates the negative energy (invasion) that does not belong to the client related to those diseases and pains.

Shaman believes that everyone have their own guardian spirit, they are always with us and give us spiritual help. Power animals are one of the guardians. They connect humans with the power of the Universe, giving us the power to defend against disease and ability to resist suffering. The Shamanic Practitioner will help the client retrieve and reconnect with client’s power animal.

Price: HKD 1000 (approximately 45 minutes)

Soul Portion Retrieval

Soul portion retrieval is one of the most powerful shamanic techniques and is very important in our world today. In the face of unsatisfactory events or trauma in life, we may feel lost and vulnerable. If we are not mentally or physically prepared for these events, it may cause part of our soul energy to shred off. According to Shaman’s understanding, the shredding of the soul is a common cause of illness, depression and chronic fatigue, which can cause various mental and emotional disorders and greatly weaken the immune system. During the session, the shamanic practitioner will examine and search for the lost soul portions of the client, bringing the soul portions back and integrate them into client’s soul energy, returning the client to a complete state.

NOTE: Client must first go through the Shamanic Extraction Healing and Power Animal Retrieval session before we can set up a session for Soul Portion Retrieval

Price: HKD 1000 (approximately 45 minutes)