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Shamanic Workshop

If your energy and emotion is easily affected by the surround environment

If you know you are here to do energy transformations

shamanic workshop

Come Join Our Energy Transformation Shamanic Workshop

Recent turmoils around the world have led many to search for an understanding on what can be done to protect ourselves and our family. You need to know how to transform and extract energies that does not belong within you. This Shamanic Workshop will bring you the concept of lower world & power animals, which will help with energy transformation.

Shamanic Practitioner will lead you into experiencing different journeys through rapid change of consciousness, balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, awakening the inner power you weren’t aware of.

According to researches from Archaeologists, Shamanism have a history of over thirty thousand years across the world. Shamanism is not a religion, but a method used by our ancestors to connect to spirituality, healing and problem solving.

Workshop contents

  • Understanding Shamanism
  • Experience Shamanic Journeying
  • Finding Power Animal
  • Communicating and Merging with Power Animal
  • Seeking advise from Power Animal

Shamanic Workshop

Date:23 July 2022
Time:1:00pm – 8:00pm
Early Bird:$1,500 if payment is made before 23 Jun 2022
Payment:Course fee is to be deposited to HSBC account 808-231161-001 (Continuing Education for Hypnotherapists Co. Ltd.). Please Whatsapp 93008995 or email info@rhodachoi.com upon payment deposit with photo of deposit slip, student name ahd phone number.
WhatsApp Registration:https://wa.me/85293008995/?text=RegisterShamanicWorkshop
Teacher:Rhoda Choi